“I do what I think is absolutely beautiful. What inspires me is to be different.”

 Any designer’s work reflects their life experiences: their background, their homeland, their family. Maha Lozi’s has been a vibrant life, and its diversity is expressed in her work.

No matter how big a statement jewellery makes, it doesn’t have to mean ostentatious wealth. Maha works in high quality zirconia and gold plated silver, which makes her work affordable, but in no way compromises the extraordinary effort and craftsmanship that goes in to creating her jewellery. Each piece is made by hand and some designs are set with 1,500 individual stones, “There are so many man hours involved in making these pieces,” she says. “They are made by real people, and I live through it with them.”

Mixing popular culture, wit and tradition is everywhere in Maha’s work. To be a child in Lebanon, a woman in modern London, to recover from adversity: it all takes humour, a need not to take oneself too seriously. This attitude is reflected in the names: Sloane, named in Dubai but inspired by an early London address; SW3, a London postcode; Pub Culture; Ab Fab. So, if you ever wondered where Joanna Lumley and Beirut meet, it’s in Maha Lozi’s workshops, where jewellery is not just a function of how you want to look, but everything you’ve been.







Creative Journey